My decision, One of my hardest decisions I have made was when I was around 9 years old and Arsenal and Chelsea had both offered me to sign for their team. I was stuck in two minds, one was do I go with Arsenal because they was the first team to show interest in me, […]

Another Mcee we have studied is mic Jenkins and his song Martys in this song he says ‘ima get so much money, ima buy all this sh*t, ima fuck all these hoes, ninja Ima fuck your bitch’ in many rap songs they talk about getting loads of money buying a lot of expensive products, having […]

I disagree with the statement because God in his time of living preformed many miracles especially with the people who who were suffering so he is preventing anyone who was suffering also his son Jesus went through a lot of pain so when God didn’t do anything I think God was getting the message across […]

One of the Mcees we have studied is mos def and his song mathematics and I’m gonna tell you how he critics the ‘reel’. In his song mathematics he mentions ‘like I got 16 to 32 bars to rock it but only 15% of profits seem my pockets’. He critics the reel because he is […]

heavenly we are is uplifting because many times in the song it gives encouragement and gives a message not give up also saying it don’t matter if you think your different in anyway way because your not, only because of the skin color or anything you are still a child of God which he created […]

One of the Mcees we have studied is Kendrick Lamar and his song ‘the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice’ When Kendrick Lamar mentions ‘the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice’ he is saying that the blacker you are the better you are and you should embrace it. It is important because Kendrick […]

My hypothesis is when i drop the paper helicopter and change the mass of the helicopter so it can change how fast the helicopter comes down or to make the helicopter come down slower. Equipment: Meter stick , clamp, helicopter, stopwatch. So my method would be to setup the clamp and set the meter stick […]

Figurative language: simile: he was as strong as an ox a simile is when you compare something using as or like metaphor: the shark is the silver prince of the ocean metaphor: the lion is the king of the jungle hyperbole: he’s so good at football he makes Ronaldo look at crap hyoerbole: is when […]

Tho real: when people act a certain way to fit in,?? music companies could see hip hop as profitable,?? before hip hop was invasiding the music content was about things that affects inner city communities ?? white suburbia??: white surburbia thought they were experiencing authentic blackness?? Reel is when people is when people act a […]

In this essay I will be answering the the question of how have th mc’s we have studied use hip hop to criticise the reel in the first paragraph I will explain how hip how has changed then the 2nd paragraph I will explain the reel so you can understand how hip hop criticises the […]